The Park

A space where performance efficiency coexists with every tenant’s wellness.

About Us

Over the past 20 years Lagoas Park has been the reference of business parks in Portugal and the largest one in the Iberian Peninsula.

A park not just for business

With 14 premium office buildings, a hotel, congress centre, a health club, a school and retail gallery with various restaurants and services, Lagoas Park has circa 7.000 users and 2.500 daily visitors. Focused on People and t he well-being of it’s community, it remains the home of several high-profile multinational corporations.

Networking with the best

Today, as a benchmark and case study for success when it comes to business parks in Portugal, Lagoas Park, in Oeiras, brings together some of the best companies in the country which recognise the superior quality of the conditions it offers.

Work environment like no other

Lagoas Park follows a strategy of innovative design which contributes towards improving well-being and people’s performance, to maximise human capital and attract talent, to make companies more efficient and optimise resources.

Life in the Park

With an indisputable environmental consciousness, Lagoas Park’s extensive gardens and lakes are the ideal setting for anyone aiming for a work-life balance.

A business park/complex by the beach

20 minutes away from the city of Lisbon, its location allows for a 5 minute drive to the beach as well as quick access to shops and leisurely activities. Year-round curated events, pleasant strolls and lounging amidst a luxurious green setting, Lagoas Park is more than a business park, it is a tight-knit Community.

There is always something new to do

Fresh start

Begin your day in the local health club, pump your energy and start working in your best performance.

Get together

Lunch break is the perfect time to talk with your colleagues, meet other tenants and share your best work experiences.

Time to relax

Get the most out of Lagoas Park and take a deep breath in our beautiful garden when the day is done.

Play time is learning time

Inside Lagoas Park there is even a school for your children. From nursery to primary school Colégio São Francisco de Assis is great to have your kids near you when it’s time to go home.


Fresh and healthy food

Get lost in our restaurant area where you can find the tastiest meals with fresh local products. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a slice of rustic pizza and get together with your co-workers.


There are various highly valuable, convenient services set in the Lagoas Park area such as a 4-star hotel, a congress centre, 12 restaurants, a health club, public parking facilities, a school and a shopping area.

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Resident Companies

Around 100 companies have chosen Lagoas Park. Big name companies recognise the quality and innovative character of this park.

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Our Partners

In order to foster the creation of benefits for resident companies at Lagoas Park and their 7,000 employees, partnerships have been set up where valuable products and services can be attained with additional benefits, discounts or forms of payments at special rates.