Lagoas Park has an integrated vision that unites companies, people, environment and technology, and which ensures the venture’s sustainable development.

A natural commitment

Minimum energy waste

The building construction quality, the rigour and efficiency with which they are managed and the use of the most contemporary technologies, represents a considerable reduction in energy costs, which is a direct benefit for resident businesses.

Technology that improves the future

The continuous implementation of new technologies to reduce the impact in the environment has been a constant concern of Lagoas Park as is the case of replacing all interior lamps to LED technology ones, presence sensors, BMS upgrades, HVAC upgrades among others.

Nature inspires us

Surrounding the different office buildings is a vast and consolidated garden area with lakes and waterfalls, where everybody can relax on a garden bench or take a stroll along one of the many footpaths. Happy and satisfied workers achieve higher levels of commitment, creativity, and productivity at work.

Sustainable thinking to move forward

In recognising the importance of happiness to an individual’s professional performance, Lagoas Park promotes several recreational, social and commercial initiatives to enhance the Park and encourage staff engagement and motivation.

More time to do what you like

To allow Tenants to concentrate on their business, Lagoas Park offers its customers an “all-included” service that provides office space and takes care of office management, maintenance, and cleaning, as well as outdoor maintenance, all year-round 24-hour security service and shared building and office utilities.

Throughout 2024, there are plans for BREEAM Certification of the Office Buildings of the Park.

Buildings 4 and 8 have been certified with BREEAM in use certification.

Ready to embrace the neighborhood

Lagoas Park also values the importance of the integration of the surrounding community, thus not only its restaurants and cafés but also the events that are shared with that community.

Because of these neighbouring communities, Lagoas Park also creates job opportunities, not only through its Clients but also when hiring all the staff within the Park in areas such as maintenance, catering, cleaning, security and others.