Another kind of business park, where business meets nature. Enjoy the best of Oeiras Valley, take a walk in our gardens or get to the beach in 10 minutes.

Oeiras Valley

Aiming to be the european Sillicon Valley, Oeiras Valley is a place to explore technology, ideas and talent right next to the beach.

Getting Here

You can easily get to Lagoas Park by car and safely park in one of the 5,500 parking spaces available in this office park or by public transportation, which is aproximately 20 minutes from the city center.

By Car

There are two entrances to the park: one to the east (from the A5 Lisbon/Cascais motorway and the IC19 and the other from the west.

By Bus

In Lagoas Park, there are bus stops with several bus routes that connect the park to other transportation services, linking the park to main locations such as: Lisbon, Paço de Arcos, Carcavelos, Cascais, Amadora and Sintra.

By Train

In addition to the available road links, the direct bus lines from Lagoas Park connect to the main rail links, namely Sintra/Azambuja Line and Cascais Line and the Lisbon Metro network (Marquês de Pombal).