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Lagoas Park has been developed, built and managed by the Teixeira Duarte Group.

In addition to developing and building the Park, Teixeira Duarte Group companies are also responsible for all of these services, drawing on a vast experience in the areas of space planning, fit out works, facilities management and car parks, and environmental and landscape management.

Founded in 1921, Teixeira Duarte is today one of the largest Portuguese Economic Groups. It is present in 16 countries, and achieved a turnover of € 1.680 billion in 2014. It currently has around 13,500 employees. Throughout over 90 years of activity, Teixeira Duarte, has built up an image of responsibility and competency, backed up by its high standards of quality. Although Construction is its core business, Teixeira Duarte also operates in the Real Estate, Concessions and Services, Hotel Services, Distribution, Energy and Automotive sectors.

Based on a strategy of diversification, Teixeira Duarte’s Real Estate area has pursued a consistent and systematic policy of land acquisitions for the widest possible uses, particularly in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Spain and Mozambique.

Over the years it has built up a vast development portfolio in various segments such as residential, commercial, services and logistics, which represent more than 1,000,000 m2 of construction. Its Real Estate arm also has more than 500,000 m2 of assets, such as Lagoas Park, with high levels of occupancy and satisfaction, which goes to show the quality of its service.

Regardless of its use or location, Teixeira Duarte defines as the guiding policy of these developments, the strong commitment for value added by building innovative and intelligent projects, which benefits from the Group’s synergies in the widest areas, seeking a high-quality position in the market.

For further information about the Real Estate area of Teixeira Duarte, see www.tdimobiliaria.pt and for the Group go to www.teixeiraduarte.pt.