A Farmácia

"A Farmácia" a Group constituted by 9 pharmacies located in Lisbon has an extensive experience working with e-commerce and selling medicines and services to the companies.

Benefits offered to Lagoas Park companies and their employees (1):
  • 10% off at all the medicines ordered.
  • Free delivery on your orders without a minimum order amount.
How to order?  See here how the service works and orders with prescrition.

Deliveries on a daily-basis until 6pm. If you request your order until 12 am the order would be delivered on the same day.

Contacts: Telephone: 217 111 072 Fax: 217 111 074
Timetable: 8h30 - 20h00 (Monday to Saturday and Public Holidays) from 9h00 - 20h00 (Sundays)

(1) All information and prices are the responsibility of the partner.

Are you satisfied with this partnership? Please give your feedback: info@lagoaspark.pt